Safia Akorri

Safya Akorri

Elected second Secretary at the Lawyer’s Conference of the Paris Bar for 2018.

Before she became a lawyer, Safya Akorri started her career working in international development aid (Ministry of Finance) and in international arbitration (Shearman & Sterling LLP). Then, she worked as a lawyer at Vigo’s legal practice. She eventually decided to create her own firm in 2014, and founded, later on, akorri & boutron-marmion partners.

Since 2010, she also dedicates parts of her time to her position as a field officer with the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH).

Safya is specialized in international law and criminal law. Her range of expertise spreads from all misdemeanors, felonies and major crimes (including white collar crimes), to international criminal law. In these matters, she also contributes to invitations to tender regarding the law making process in developing countries (UN, African bank for development, etc.).

She holds a master degree in Public International Law (Panthéon-Assas, 2008), she also graduated from Science-Po Paris (2010) and the Academy of international law in The Hague. She finally attended the expert program of the Institute for High Studies on National Defense (IHEDN).

LANGUAGES : French, English, Arabic

Pierre-Philippe Boutron-Marmion

Pierre-Philippe Boutron-Marmion

Pierre-Philippe Boutron-Marmion is specialized in criminal law (white collar crimes, criminal law in the work environment, and all misdemeanors and felonies). He developed an expertise in media related misdemeanors (libel, offense, privacy) and e-reputation. He also acts on cases related to business litigation, that may involve a legal risk for firms and their executives.

Trained from both French and English law firms, he entered Vigo’s legal practice as a lawyer before creating his own practice in 2015 and founding akorri & boutron-marmion partners.

He pursued his studies at Panthéon – Assas University and graduated with a master’s degree in litigation, arbitration and alternative means of settlements (2009). Simultaneously, he pursued a legal training in Paris – Dauphine University and obtained a master’s degree in business taxes (2008).

Through his legal practice, as much as his academic background, he developed a transversal view over complex issues or situation where criminal law and business law converge.

His customer base is French as well as international. In addition, Pierre-Philippe Boutron-Marmion regularly provides training in white collar law and dedicates a part of his activity to pro-bono missions.

LANGUAGES : French, English

Laure Boutron-Marmion

Laure Boutron-Marmion

Right after taking the oath, Laure Boutron-Marmion chose to start her practice before the council of state and the supreme court in order to be familiar with the higher techniques of law. Strengthened by this experience and accustomed to complex private litigations, she decided to create her own practice in 2015 before founding founding akorri & boutron-marmion partners.

Laure Boutron-Marmion graduated from Panthéon- Assas University with a master’s degree in private law. She also pursued an LLB at UCL (University College London).

As an experienced attorney, Laure Boutron-Marmion counsels her French and international clients in tortious and contractual liability litigation, as well as in property law (law of succession and matrimonial regime). She also provides legal assistance in family criminal law and health law, including disciplinary measures.

Deeply attached to teaching, she dedicates a part of her activity to the Paris Bar Exam’s training.

LANGUAGES : French, English