Area of Practice

The legal firm, akorri & boutron- marmion partners, intervenes both during litigation and ahead of any legal actions. We also provide, when needed and desired, training programs for businesses, national and foreign bank institutions, in order to prevent any criminal legal action.

Criminal defense:

The firm has developed a wide legal expertise regarding criminal law including emergency criminal defense, international criminal law, white collar crimes, and the new forms of criminality, especially online (protection of private data, libel, protection of privacy).

Compliance :

The firm advises companies for the introduction of compliance program in relation to anti-money laundering, as well as anti-corruption provisions, and offers targeted training through the firm’s lawyers.

Corporate litigation:

The firm also intervenes on business related issues, litigations between associates, business contracts, unfair trading, and smear campaign.

Civil law/ property law:

We also benefit from an expertise dedicated to contract law, as well as complex civil-litigations, in property laws (family, inheritance, and rural) and heath related litigations.

International law:

Some lawyers from akorri & boutron-marmion partners benefit from a high-level academic background in international law which enabled them to build a strong experience towards cross-borders litigations whether it concerns civil law (family and contracts), corporate law, or criminal law.