“I swear, as a lawyer, to perform my duties with dignity, conscience, independence, integrity, and humanity.”

Convinced that our profession focuses on the sole interest of our clients, the above values we sworn to, are those that motivate our daily work. Our ethics place at the very heart of our work, the confidentiality and the transparency we owe to those who trust us.

The three of us come from various and yet complementary backgrounds. Driven together by a common goal, we decided to create akorri & boutron-marmion partners law firm in order to put our respective experiences at the disposal of the clients who trust us with their interests. Whether they are young companies, well established firms, or individuals, we try to meet our clients’ expectations as best as we can, through pragmatism and responsiveness.

Strongly animated by the desire of creating a team on a human scale, composed of qualified and available lawyers, we also work in partnership with the best experts in each field. Our law firm is able to handle complex cases with multidisciplinary aspects (criminal tax law, criminal labor law, special investigations from the French financial markets authority as well as proceedings led by the national financial prosecution unit).

Alongside, we also built strong links with law firms abroad, helping us to deal with transnational cases (letters rogatory for judicial cooperation, extradition proceedings, legal remedy before international jurisdictions).

Photo de Safya Akorri, Laure Boutron Marmion et Pierre-Philippe Boutron Marmion
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